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"I'm an avid reader of sports psychology books. This is as good or better than all the other stuff out there, including Rotella, Patrick Cohen and Michael Murphy. All the sports psychology books tell you what to do, but not necessarily why to do it. Your book bridged the gap."

-David Taylor

Video Testimonial

-Kent Brown, Former Director, Professional Golfers Career College, Temecula, CA -Member Southern California PGA Advisory Committee

"In a field with many self proclaimed experts, Michael is the real deal. He's got it, he communicates it well, and he will help your performance as he helped me. I know of no one better in his field.
“We adopted ‘The Mental Keys’ for our Psychology of Golf class. I have never had so many good comments on a book. Aspiring golf professionals at our school are passing their PGA Playability Test as a result of what they learned in the class through the study and application of your book.
“I would certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to improve their golf game.”
-Kent Brown, Former Director, Professional Golfers Career College, Temecula, CA

FYI, The cover of The Mental Keys book that Kent Brown used in the video was the cover of my original Mental Keys book that Kent purchased from me at that point in time. FYI today it's being copied without my permission and is being sold illegally on the internet. If you decide to place an order on the internet for my Mental Keys book with the original cover in the video, go to Amazon and order the Enhanced Edition of Michael Anthony's "The Mental Keys To Improve Your Golf" to get the most up to date copy of my Mental Keys book. Thanks.

"What you explained in two hours took me over twenty years to learn." 
-Linda Vollstedt, Former Women's Golf Coach ASU, Record Six NCAA Golf Titles, comments to me by Linda after she was a guest at my Mental Keys lecture to ASU Men's Golf Team.

“As an editor of a golf publication, I have to say that your Mental Keys book is one of the best self-help products that I’ve ever come across. Great job!“

-Paul Daly, Editor, GolfBoston.com

 "I teach guys and girls everyday 7 days a week and hardly a lesson goes by where I don't use something from The Mental Keys. Last year, my three high school seniors I teach all received golf scholarships. Two of the three won their district tournaments. My senior girl has 15 college golf scholarship offers and again every lesson with her we use some aspect from The Mental Keys."
-the late Coach Richard Humphries, Ft. Worth, TX

"I bought this book for my team during our spring season. WE have continually improved with each tournament since we began reading the book. One 'idea' that has really caught on with our team is 'DESIRE without action equals WISH.' We have been working very hard on positive actions and thoughts and it is paying off. We leave Saturday for the NCAA Golf Championships in Florida. Thank you Michael!"
-Jackie Booth Women's Golf Coach University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM

"I have done it. A sub 90 round. I had an 89 on my home course today and I wasn't even playing well. To think, before The Mental Keys, I couldn't break 100" 

-John Taylor, A Very Happy Golfer

"The reason I ordered your book is because I walked into my pro shop last Sunday and the GM/Pro was so excited because he shot his best round ever at our club and he gave credit to your book for the way he mentally approached the round. He said a lot of the guys were reading it....so, why not the gals!!" Thanks


"Well, I did it. I won the Golf Channel Amateur City of Las Vegas Championship! Mike, I know that if I was not "polishing the wheel" of my mental game, working with my swing coach Vic Wilk at Butch Harmon School of Golf, and studying The Mental Keys, I would be right where I was a year ago. Thanks again for everything."

-Greg, Winner of Golf Channel Amateur City of Las Vegas Championship

“Michael, I have your (mental keys golf) book and have been working hard on all of your principles you talk about. I can say that you relate better to me than any of the other Psychologists and books I have read on the mental aspect of life/golf.

“That means--Deborah Graham/Jon Stabler--who are good friends of mine, Chuck Hogan, Bob Rotella, Norman Vincent Peale, Maxwell Maltz, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Robert Coop, Guy Fasciana, James Allen, Ben Hogan, Og Mandino, Patrick Cohen, Robert Winters, Johnny Revolta, William James, Napoleon Hill, etc....

“Not that all those people didn't help me arrive at where I'm at, but you have a way of saying things that one can actually put into practice. Thank you!!!!”
-Todd Sandow, PGA, Professional/Golf Course Owner

"Buying your book was the best money I've ever spent on golf. You can have all the Taylor Mades and the Pings you like, but if your head isn't in the game you might as well hit it with a hockey stick!!"

-Lizzie Koch

"My game has been improving by the day. Played 3 over on Saturday in my club and shocked my buddies! Your book is truly Magic!"

-Joe Ghazzal

"Mike, just a note to let you know that your book, Mental Keys is Fantastic! I have been using the book over the last few months and each time I re-read it my scores go down. I know there has to be a point where I can't go any lower, but getting to that point is an exciting challenge. Thanks for the book." 

-G.D. Sacramento

Mental Game Secrets Revealed

One of the major keys to developing a great mental golf game is to clearly understand that your emotional and mental state affects the chemistry of your brain, which in turn affects your ability to perform. Since you can't change your mind, JUST using your mind; the next critical step is to learn how to reprogram your mind to optimize your brain's chemistry so you can play in the zone at your highest level of mechanical proficiency.

All of the other mental golf training programs with their wide variety of techniques have one thing in common. They all have the same end goal, which is to create a mental state that optimizes your brain's chemistry and allows you to play in the zone. Since the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, the profound insights revealed in my books The Mental Keys To Improve Your Golf and Michael Anthony's Mental Golf Tips provide you with a clear path to understanding the secrets behind having a great mental game and shooting lower scores. The Mental Keys  Training Program provides you with very simple, but profound insights that will increase your awareness and help you to lower your score as well as improve your entire life. It explains the whys of what works as well as what doesn't, and how to improve your mental game to increase your ability to perform in ALL of your endeavors.

For example, many sales professionals emailed me to write another book on sales because my Mental Keys golf book not only helped them to lower their score, but helped them to increase their sales. So I wrote another book, "The Mental Keys For Success In Sales", which is available on Amazon with my other books.

"Michael has accomplished in just 100 pages what tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of corporate sales training cannot." -Bill Foley, Amazon 5 Star Review.

If you desire to increase your sales, feel free to order a copy of this book from Amazon.

"I'm an avid reader of sports psychology books. This is as good or better than all the other stuff out there, including Rotella, Patrick Cohen and Michael Murphy. All the sports psychology books tell you what to do, but not necessarily why to do it. Your book bridged the gap." - David Taylor

"I feel this has been my best season ever in the 35 years I have played Golf! I attribute this to 2 things....firstly your book! It does give all the answers one could look for in order to take the big step....winning!

And also to my swing coach, Wayne Scissio from Golf Tech!
"I played in 11 tournaments. I have one first place, one second, one third and one fourth.

Something that happened late this season for me was incredible! When I must save a par or must hit a shot with extreme difficulty....I do! Man....that is so wonderful....to clear your mind of the "what if" scenario! All I do now is get my set up correct, make the best effort I can and accept whatever I am left with! It is magic! "Thanks Partner for that gift! May God continue to bless you in your efforts to help others!

- Kerry Dean, Chicago  

Stop Throwing Away Shots

The quickest, least expensive, and easiest way to lower your score is to stop throwing away shots by improving your mental game. The Mental Keys unique approach is simple, once you understand why and how it works. By removing, or at least reducing, negative emotions and self-talk from your mind, you immediately improve the chemistry of your brain and increase your ability to make more golf shots without any additional lessons or buying expensive golf clubs. However, if you take lessons and practice while improving your mental game, your scores will fall much lower. Plus, you will finally be able to get the most out of your expensive clubs and use them to help you to lower your score once you have a solid mental game.

On the professional golf tours one negative thought or emotion can cause a golfer to miss a shot and lose the tournament or miss the cut. From my personal experience of doing many private mental training consultations with golfers and a wide variety of athletes in different sports, fear leads the list of negative emotions in all sports. If you take an honest look at your emotional profile, how many shots do you throw away during a round of golf due to your frustrations, doubts and fears. The Mental Keys explain and show you how to stop throwing away shots. It gives you a step-by-step explanation how your mind processes information, explains why and how your emotions affect your performance, and teaches you how to play one shot at a time on instinct without thinking. If you study and use The Mental Keys, your scores will fall.

"I have done it. A sub 90 round. I had an 89 on my home course today and I wasn't even playing well. To think, before The Mental Keys, I couldn't break 100" - John Taylor

"I have been polishing the wheel now for at least 5 years or so and your techniques have really helped me become a better golfer. 5 yrs ago my handicap was around 16 to 18 and I was a very frustrated golfer until I diligently applied your system of relaxation and learning process to my game. I now have a handicap of 9 and feel the I truly play fearless golf. "I own all the self-help books, but yours has had the greatest impact on my game. Your Mental Golf Tips should be required reading for anyone who touches a golf club. "Feel free to use my thoughts as you like since they are my thoughts and I am happy if they help some other hacker as you have helped me polish the wheel."
- Tom Brown

If you like my The Mental Keys books and lower scores like many golfers have, please post a review on Amazon and email your comments to me at [email protected]. Thanks.

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