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The golf marketing legend Andrew Wood suggests that if you want to Grow The Game of Golf all you have to do is make golf more fun. What better way to make golf more fun than to show as many golfers as possible how to shoot lower scores and have them tell their friends.

My goal has changed from being a one-on-one personal coach to golfers to helping to grow the game of golf by becoming the online personal mental coach to the golfing world. As much as I would love to help you to lower your score, you must have a strong desire to shoot lower scores and take action once I show you how.  Depending on your position, below are a couple of ways and areas where you can have a direct influence in helping to grow the game of golf.

General Managers:
Happy golfers play more rounds, spend more money, take more lessons and buy more equipment than unhappy golfers. All you need to do to increase your bottom line is to make your golfers happier by promoting The Mental Keys Training Program to your members and customers to help them to shoot lower scores. Simply post a small notice to your members "To Lower Your Golf Score, visit". Try it and watch your bottom line grow, plus you will lower your own score if you read The Mental Keys>
"The reason I ordered your book is because I walked into my pro shop last Sunday and the GM/Pro was so excited because he shot his best round ever at our club and he gave credit to your book for the way he mentally approached the round. He said a lot of the guys were reading, why not the gals!!" Thanks -Karen

Golf Instructors: Let's face it. If your students could take their range game to the golf course, you would have happier students who would want to take more lessons from you to improve their mechanics even more to increase their probability of success and shoot even lower scores. The main reason your students can't take their range game to the course is because their lack of a strong mental game causes them to get caught up in thinking about the outcome and scoring, instead of playing on instinct without thinking. This results in their mechanics falling apart trying to score. When your students take a lesson from you, they are relaxed and not thinking about the outcome because they know they can get a do-over and take another shot. If you learn The Mental Keys Training Program and encourage your students to use The Mental Keys to improve their mental game they will score better and you will have happier students that will eagerly take more lessons from you and recommend you to their friends. If your Golf Instructor is not familiar with The Mental Keys Training Program, tell him or her about it because it will make them a better instructor and they will be able to help you to improve your mental game. It will be a win-win for both of you. During my 30+ years teaching “Golf” I have truly identified, learned and applied the core issues of the “Mechanical and Mental.” I have worked with some very good thinkers and practitioners. Mike is the best “Mental Side Man” I know anywhere. The Mental Keys is his 100 page best seller. If you don’t have it, get it! If you have read it once, read it once a week! -Karl Fischer, Instructor and Founder 555 Golf Academy, Ft. Worth, TX “If you want to shoot lower scores, I highly recommend that you study and use Michael Anthony’s The Mental Keys. It helps my students and will definitely help you.” -Vic Wilk, PGA Instructor at Butch Harmon School of Golf, 2 Time Qualifier for U.S. Senior Open

High School and College Golf Coaches: Read the late coach Richard Humphries testimonial below. Read it several times and let it sink in. Need I say more. "I teach guys and girls everyday 7 days a week and hardly a lesson goes by where I don't use something from The Mental Keys. Last year, my three high school seniors I teach all received golf scholarships. Two of the three won their district tournaments. My senior girl has 15 college golf scholarship offers and again every lesson with her we use some aspect from The Mental Keys." -the late Coach Richard Humphries, Ft. Worth, TX "I bought this book for my team during our spring season. WE have continually improved with each tournament since we began reading the book. One 'idea' that has really caught on with our team is 'DESIRE without action equals WISH.' We have been working very hard on positive actions and thoughts and it is paying off. We leave Saturday for the NCAA Golf Championships in Florida. Thank you Michael!" -Jackie Booth Women's Golf Coach University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM

Parents: I don't have to tell you that you would save tons of money if your children were awarded golf scholarships as a result of them having a great mental game and shooting very low scores from using The Mental Keys Training Program. Make sure you read Richard Humphries testimonial above and let it sink in.

What About You: If you could shoot lower scores, would you be a happier golfer and person? What price do you place on happiness and bragging rights with your friends? Don't be afraid to tell you friends and golfing buddies about The Mental Keys because the friendly competition will make all of your games better and you will have a lot more fun together.

First Tee Programs: If you teach kids The Mental Keys Training Program, they will want to play more golf because they will shoot lower scores and have more fun. Kids love to have fun. Let's make golf more fun for them by explaining how to develop a great mental game needed to shoot low scores. Plus, they will learn life skills and high ethical values based on The Eight Words of "I am always truthful, positive, and helping others" which make up the corner-stone of how The Mental Keys help you control your mind's inner dialog and your negative emotions. Read my book for details of how and why The Mental Keys and The Eight Words work to increase performance and lower golf scores.

Sales Professionals: I have received numerous emails from sales professionals to write another book on sales because by using my book The Mental Keys To Improve Your Golf, they not only lowered their golf score, they also increased their sales. Your prospects and clients will thank you for telling them how they can lower their score. Plus, they will trust you and like you more after they read The Mental Keys. P.S. I wrote another book for sales professionals The Mental Keys For Success In Sales available at

Sales Managers: Many members of your sales team are probably golfers. Recommending them to read The Mental Keys books on golf and sales will improve their mental state and help them to lower their score and increase their sales as well. It will be a win-win for all of you and the game of golf. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in having me speak to your sales team during a zoom meeting or be a keynote speaker at your next convention.

Bottom Line: The Mental Keys Training Program will help Grow The Game Of Golf. By helping more golfers shoot lower scores, it will bring many golfers back to the great game of golf. Would you play more golf if you could shoot much lower scores and have more fun? Well you can, if you use The Mental Keys Training Program. Please share The Mental Keys with your social media friends and golf connections. Thanks and Play Well. 

P.S. If you are wondering why golfers would want to tell their friends, associates, and competitors how to lower their score, here is a story about the necessity and joy of playing with a worthy opponent. A long time ago, the world's greatest Samurai warrior was sitting by the side of the road crying. When a fellow warrior saw this, he was shocked and asked, "You are the greatest Samurai warrior who ever lived. Why are you crying?" The tear-filled reply was, "I no longer have a worthy opponent; there is no reason the live."

If you relate to this story, please take a minute and reread this page on Help Grow The Game Of Golf. Thanks for your help in Growing The Game of Golf by getting the word out to millions of golfers.

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