How To Order The Mental Keys Training Program

The Mental Keys Training Program will help you to make many more shots if you use it. Do you have a strong desire to shoot lower scores, OR do you want to keep leaving shots out on the course. If You Really Want to start making more shots, and lowering your score, order and study Michael Anthony's Golf and Mental Tips books below on The Mental Keys, which will give you a solid foundation to start lowering your score.  Michael's PTW Mp3 Audio that is described towards the bottom of this page is optional, but will make it faster and easier to learn The Mental Keys proven mental training program if you wish to order it as well as Michael's books.

The Mental Keys To Improve Your Golf

The Mental Keys proven mental training program can be learned by studying my book The Mental Keys To Improve Your Golf. This book gives you a step-by-step conceptual explanation of how your brain processes information. It's like sitting down next to me while I explain The Mental Keys and contains the same diagrams that I have used in my numerous one-on-one personal mental training sessions.

You will be given the reason why your negative emotions adversely effect your score and a step-by-step process how to master the emotions that will optimize the chemistry of your brain, which will allow you to play in the zone on instinct without thinking at your highest level of mechanical proficiency.

The Mental Keys work if you use them. I guarantee it, if you guarantee me that you are using them. I have proven this to be true many times. The only questions left are how strong is your DESIRE to lower your score AND will you study and use The Mental Keys. By ordering this book for only $29.95, you will be well on your way to making many more golf shots, instead of leaving them on the course.

"Mike, just a note to let you know that your book, Mental Keys is Fantastic! I have been using the book over the last few months and each time I re-read it my scores go down. I know there has to be a point where I can't go any lower, but getting to that point is an exciting challenge. Thanks for the book." - G.D., Sacramento

"With The Mental Keys, you'll learn more than the contents of an entire bookshelf of main stream mental improvement and self-help publications down at your local bookstore. It is a detailed step-by-step approach of all elements which influence the mental side of a Golfer." - Reviw by, Rating: 10/10 *****Top Recommendation

Both of my Mental Keys' Books Are Available on Amazon.  Michael Anthony's Mental Golf Tips, is described below if you scroll down and return later to order.

 If you buy both of my books when you order on Amazon, you will save on shipping.  Thanks. 

Please, order both of my books "The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf" and "Michael Anthony's Mental Golf Tips" by clicking the Buy Now on Amazon button below.  ONCE on AMazon  to see all my Titles Click PAPERBACK

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Michael Anthony's Mental Golf Tips

If you want to knock even more strokes off your score, I strongly recommend that you read a tip a day from my book Michael Anthony's Mental Golf Tips as well. Hopefully, you signed up to receive my free Mental Golf Tips newsletter that will remind yourself weekly to keep working on improving your mental game.

My Mental Keys To Improve Your Golf book gives you all the tools you need to develop a great mental game and my Mental Tips book gives you 75 short mental tips on how to use these tools by applying them to specific situations you face during a round of golf. For only $9.94 my Mental Tips book contains all of my tips in one convenient place without having to print out all of my weekly tips and file them in a binder.

By reading a tip a day from this book, you will remind yourself daily how important it is to keep monitoring your emotions and focusing on improving the process until you can master your emotions needed to attain your desired outcome of winning.

It's going to take time to reprogram your mind to have a great mental game. However, once you train your mind to play in the present on instinct one shot at a time without thinking, your scores will be much lower and you will be very hard to beat.

"I have subscribed to your weekly mental tip newsletters and have read your Great Book several times. Thanks so much for lowering my handicap to date by 12 strokes. I will continue to read it religiously." Thanks, - Jack Bourdon

All My Books Are Available on Amazon. After you place your order on Amazon for my 2 Mental Keys books, you can always return later and get a copy of my mp3 Audio file "Using The Mental Keys To Polish The Wheel" which is described below if you scroll down this page if you have not already ordered it. Thanks again and enjoy making many more shots, Michael Anthony  ONCE on AMazon to see all my Titles Click PAPERBACK 

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Using The Mental Keys to Polish The Wheel, MP3 Audio

FYI-This is the Story about Michael Anthony’s “Using The Mental Keys to Polish The Wheel (PTW)” CD, which is no longer legally available.

In 2004 to save you as well as many other golfers time and help you to lower your scores faster, I produced a CD “Using The Mental Keys To Polish The Wheel (PTW)”, which I sold through Amazon, listening to this CD at home before and after you played a round of golf or if possible while driving to and from the golf course made it easier for you to reprogram your mind so you could gain control of your emotions faster, instead of reacting negatively to the facts you encounter while playing a round of golf. With my PTW CD, you could readily assimilate The Mental Keys Program by listening to this audio instead of having to read and reread my Mental Keys books over-and-over-again to lower your scores like many golfers have done.  However, if you read my books several times and listen to this audio, your scores would fall lower and even faster.

When I produced this CD in 2004, most cars were equipped with a CD player, but times have changed. Today in 2021 most cars are not equipped with a CD player. Today, even many new computers no longer come with a CD player. Plus, recently I was made aware of a company that was copying my CD and materials and selling them on Amazon as a used CD. I ordered a copy of their “so-called” used CD through Amazon to make sure that I was being ripped off, instead of just imagining it in my mind.  However, when I opened the package that these pirates shipped to me - without a doubt they were ripping me off big time although my CD and materials were copyrighted and protected by law.

To limit this illegal action, I asked Amazon to stop selling my CD which they did, and they also stopped selling the illegal used copy of my CD. In the future I’ll have my attorney issue a cease and desist order and sue to protect my copyrighted materials. If you run across anyone selling my PTW CD or new PTW Audio MP3 file, please email me the details ASAP so I can put a stop to this illegal activity. Thanks for your help.

Recently, I made a business decision to market my audio “Using The Mental Keys To Polish The Wheel (PTW)” as an MP3 Audio file that can easily be downloaded into your computer or smart phone without needing a CD to listen to it. Now you can download and listen to this audio in your home on your computer’s media player before and after you play or in your car as it was originally designed while you were driving to and from the golf course if you transfer it to your smart phone.

Since the original audio was recorded as a CD, I had my IT friend edit this recording to remove the word CD from being repeated from time to time. However, the edits have not diminished the powerful results that golfers have gained from listening to the original CD. Most of the references to CD have been removed by my busy IT friend, but a few remain for the time being until they are, also, edited out by my friend when he has time. So, whenever CD is mentioned in the new PTW MP3 Audio, ignore it and make a mental note that I am referring to the MP3 Audio that you are listening to. Instructions how to download the MP3 files will be made available to you. I'm not a computer geek, but even I was able to download the individual files for each track on the CD and put them in a folder named PTW to play them on my media player when I wanted to listen to my new PTW MP3 Audio.

Ordering this PTW MP3 Audio file for only $59.95 will be money well spent in the time it will save you to learn The Mental Keys and the joy it will bring you as you see your scores quickly fall by listening to my “Using The Mental Keys to Polish The Wheel (PTW)” MP3 Audio file. All you have to do after you read my book “The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf” several times is listen to Part One of my PTW Audio at home or while driving before you play and Part Two after you play. Part One reviews the key components of The Mental Keys to prepare you to play. Part Two reviews how you played and gives suggestions to prepare you on how to score better the next time you play.

For only $59.95, listening to my PTW Audio is like having me as you own personal mental trainer saving you hundreds of dollars as a bonus. The more times you listen to my PTW MP3 Audio file on your smart phone while driving in your car to and from playing OR on your computer at home the faster you will assimilate The Mental Keys and the quicker your scores will fall. To speed up the process of learning how to lower your score, it is important to read my book The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf at least once or twice to become familiar with all its insights. Each part of the PTW Audio only takes about a half hour to listen to. Or, if you have the PTW MP3 Audio with tracks, you can select your favorite tracks to listen to if you prefer. You can do this while you are driving to and from the golf course, commuting, or even just relaxing at home.

P.S. If you purchase your own copy of my copyrighted PTW MP3 Audio file, you have my permission to copy my PTW MP3 Audio file to transfer to your smart phone or computer, but not to sell it or give it away to your friends and associates, who can buy their own if they want to lower their score:-)

Here is praise from golfers that have benefited from listening to my PTW Audio in its prior CD format.

“I have been using The Mental Keys as described in the book and listening to the Polish The Wheel PTW Audio to and from the course each day before and after I play. It really is helping me keep my mind in the right space to play good golf. Thanks for giving me the tools to improve my mental game.” - Nevin

  “The PTW Audio is the glue to the book”- Coach Richard Humphries, Ft. Worth, Texas

“I think you’ve just hit a Home Run. I’ve listened to your PTW Audio every day since I received it. This is taking me deeper than your book and I review that daily. Michael, I thought I had this “Mental Keys” thing down. Your audio takes it to a deeper level.

“My past background was in Television and Radio Advertising and I’m getting to the point where I can say what you say. I’m starting to hear my voice and not yours telling me about the Mental Keys. That’s when I know it’s starting to imprint on my tape. “I’ll use this analogy with your audio in mind: The First time you hear it. It just goes by you. The Third time you can recall a phrase or two. The Fifth time I can tell you all about your “tape” and it’s job. The Seventh time I’ll tell you about Watching the Club hit the Ball. The Ninth time it’s about Negative Thinking is for weak individuals. The Twelfth time and it’s getting to be a little old and stale. That’s OK because that’s when it’s really starting to sink in.

“When I say Hamburgers what do you think of? How about Beer? Both McDonald’s and Budweiser are Number 1 in their respective fields. Why do they need to keep on advertising? To keep the customer’s tape current and in that comfort zone. The same principle works with your Audio and listening to it. “I plan to keep on using your Audio until I wear it out. When that happens, I plan to buy another copy.

“I talk about you and the mental side of golf to my students and fellow golfers all the time. Very few of them take the mental side seriously. They’re too worried about swing mechanics. That’s fine. The money I win from them has paid for your Books and Audio over and over. Keep up the great work!”

- Mark Jednack, Director of Golf Michigan Golf Academy 

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  Thanks for your orders and enjoy shooting lower scores, Michael Anthony

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