The Mental Keys Training Program

The Mental Keys Training Program works every time if you use it. On a scale of 1 to 10, do you have a desire of ten, to use and master The Mental Keys to lower your score or do you want to keep leaving shots out on the course OR Do You want to start making them and lower your score. If you do, read and study Michael Anthony's books on The Mental Keys.

The Mental Keys To Improve Your Golf

The Mental Keys proven mental training program can be learned by studying my book The Mental Keys To Improve Your Golf. This book gives you a step-by-step conceptual explanation of how your brain processes information. It contains the same diagrams that I have used in my numerous one-on-one personal mental training sessions.

You will be given the reason why your negative emotions adversely effect your score and a step by step process how to master the emotions that will optimize the chemistry of your brain, which will allow you to play in the zone on instinct without thinking at your highest level of mechanical proficiency. The Mental Keys work if you use them. I guarantee it. I have proven this to be true many times. The only questions left are how strong is your DESIRE to lower your score AND will you study and use The Mental Keys.

"Mike, just a note to let you know that your book, Mental Keys is Fantastic! I have been using the book over the last few months and each time I re-read it my scores go down. I know there has to be a point where I can't go any lower, but getting to that point is an exciting challenge. Thanks for the book." - G.D., Sacramento

"With The Mental Keys, you'll learn more than the contents of an entire bookshelf of main stream mental improvement and self-help publications down at your local bookstore. It is a detailed step-by-step approach of all elements which influence the mental side of a Golfer." - Reviw by, Rating: 10/10 *****Top Recommendation

Using The Mental Keys to Polish The Wheel

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Michael Anthony's Mental Golf Tips

If you want to knock even more strokes off your score, I strongly recommend that you read a tip a day from my book Michael Anthony's Mental Golf Tips as well. Hopefully, you signed up to receive my free Mental Golf Tips newsletter that will remind yourself weekly to keep working on improving your mental game.

My Mental Keys To Improve Your Golf book gives you all the tools you need to develop a great mental game and my Mental Tips book gives you 75 short mental tips on how to use these tools by applying them to specific situations you face during a round of golf. My Mental Tips book contains all of my tips in one convenient place without having to print out all of my weekly tips and file them in a binder.

By reading a tip a day from this book, you will remind yourself daily how important it is to keep monitoring your emotions and focusing on improving the process until you can master your emotions needed to attain your desired outcome of winning.

It's going to take time to reprogram your mind to have a great mental game. However, once you train your mind to play in the present on instinct one shot at a time without thinking, your scores will be much lower and you will be very hard to beat.

"I have subscribed to your weekly mental tip newsletters and have read your Great Book several times. Thanks so much for lowering my handicap to date by 12 strokes. I will continue to read it religiously." Thanks, - Jack Bourdon

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